23 September 2011

How to make a fat boy sweat....or "I'm HONGREE"

Nuttin' much to report today...got up and after my morning chores of feeding the cat herd, feeding the pug, and then walking the pug, watering the garden...I decided to actually "fix" me some breakfast.

4 eggs, scrambled with peppers, fresh from the garden (it's actually producing again), grated (pre-) sharp cheese, and hot sauce....with a couple of sliced Walmart 89 cent/lb Roma (Mexican grown) 'maters drizzled wit some buttermilk dressin'.....and I'm in bid'ness.!! Oh, can't forget a big glass of Tomato juice.

The wife (the one that started this blog)....has to get up at 5:30AM everyday...so I get up with her...and get my lazy day started early. Kinda nice to get out walking the dog, puffin' on my pipe before sun-up.

Caren is working hard and putting in some long hours teaching these days. She is seeing first hand the wonderful Fed CorpGov program for "no kiddos left behind"..and how it's like an unspoken policy in the public high schools to NOT flunk anyone...just move them to the "special program" area....and each kid you move into the "needs help" area...the teacher has to fill out a 1/4" thick stack of forms on EACH kid and turn into the admin. She has 3-4 slow kids in each class.

She has a coach/part time teacher across the hall....that miraculously has NO "problem kids" that are failing..(he doesn't want to deal with the paperwork...so everyone in his classes are "passing" fine.) And no one questions him..???

The TX public schools now are sooo wrapped up in getting and maintaining their "Exemplary" status via their TAKS test and drop out rates...that they push through ALL kids...and some schools even have special schools for "slow" kids that are failing...and these small sideline Special schools let kids zip through a semester of a subject class in a 2-3 weeks, by having them do "modules" on the computer at school...no homework, minimal tests. Funny how a kid that was about to flunk out, gets into the special school and graduates EARLY..!!

And I know one kid that went through this "Special high school" that told me his teacher would fill out his test answers for him, if he was having ANY trouble with a test.....I couldn't believe it.!! He graduated from high school and the kid can barely do simple math in his head...and not very well on paper. America's future...thanks to 30 - 40 years of help from the FEDs.

(Damn....haw'd I get started on that rant???)

okay done.....adios all.



tffnguy said...

I didn't know all of that was new. Thought they'd been doing it for a LONG time? I guess they've just perfected the art of screwing up the education system now.

Breakfast looked real good! Had breakfast this morning at BBMI with Robert and Lanette. (Their treat) It was the buffet with powdered eggs though. I'd rather had yours.

MsBelinda said...

Your breakfast sure looks tasty.

Its good to rant, after all it's your blog. I feel sorry for all the stuff teachers have to go through these days.

MsBelinda said...

BTW thank you for that auto tranport outfit information you left on my blog.