12 September 2011

Remember this...?

I tried to upload a few pics this morning...as the connection speed and blogger seemed to be responsive today...but after one pic....it slowed down again and I was unable to add any more pics.

Oh well....I had to switch back to the "old" blogger editor version, as I never could add a pic with the "new" one.

Hey at least it's a break from politics...huh?

okay...tried again later...and got this one to upload. It's a pic from last Friday when I got Nephew Joe and a buddy of his to show up for a couple of hours of finishing the Packard Shackard metal roof. Now I need to put on some diagonal bracing, and some sort of side wall screening.

And an older shot from somewhere in South Brewster County..(I cannot wait to get back down there !!!)

UPDATE: It's 5:30PM here and weather website says it's 108 degrees here now...dangit. What happened to the cooler temps?



frann said...

I never downloaded the new version as the old one worked. I remember snow!

tffnguy said...

Well it you're looking forward to more of that damn snow, just make sure you keep it up there.

Now you've got me thinking about using metal studs and the like to build on the road rails. Do you think they are strong enough to handle the wind down here?

Anonymous said...

Tffnguy...I think they would work great for roof rafters.

But not for floor joists. You could use red primed c-purlins, like carports are built of for floor joists. welded to the rails.

And not too sure of metal studs for walls, even if you used some 18ga studs...wind load on sidewalls may bow and flex too much.


tffnguy said...

Yeah BF, I'm a little afraid of that myself.

MsBelinda said...

I don't like snow but right now it sure does look good.

Wanted to ask you about the guy that bought your Packard. I remember you mentioned he worked on the oil patch and was from Houston. I would like to have my 72 Cutlass towed to Del Rio. Do you have any idea which outfit he hired?

Anonymous said...

MsB....let me do some checking on the tow svc he used.


MsBelinda said...

I'd appreciate it Bigfoot.