24 April 2010

Quick Trip to Abilene

Yesterday afternoon Jack (the pug) and I drove out to Abilene (leaving my brother to house-sit) to see my son in a play called Shakespeare in Hollywood. He continually makes me proud. The play was great fun.

I used to think Abilene was a long-ish drive. Now it seems so short, after driving out to the cabin so many times. When when we're coming back from the cabin we think of Abilene as 'almost home' as we drive through.

I plan to meet my son for breakfast and then head back home.

Shifting gears---I watched a documentary on PBS several nights ago that was based on the book 'Fast Food Nation.' Some of it was difficult (or impossible) for me to watch--when the cameras went inside of chicken 'farms' and cattle 'farms' and hog 'farms' and showed how these animals are raised and all the hormones and crap that is pumped into them to make them grow fast. Horrible living conditions, etc. etc. And so much more------Anyway, I've been a vegetarian in the past and I think I'm gonna go that route again. This is all stuff we've heard about and know about, but when you see the visuals it's powerful. I know Bigfoot is not going to go the veggie route, but no problem. As I said, I've done it before while the rest of the household ate as usual. It's not that difficult.

But...anyway...after seeing the documentary, I remembered that we, in fact, had a copy of the book, "Fast Food Nation." Bigfoot bought it about a year ago and I just never got around to reading it. You can bet that right now, as I type, it is sitting on the night stand next to me. I've read the first few chapters and I know it will be a very eye-opening read.

This all reminds me of a story that occurred several years ago. . . . I had been teaching a biology lab at TCU and we had been dissecting pigs all week. It's all very fascinating, but it really doesn't whet one's appetite for ham. So. . . I came home at the end of the week and my Ex had made pork-loin for dinner! Ugh! It was the LAST thing I wanted to see on my plate after looking at pig guts all week. I choked down a few bites and called it good----But, I swear, as I ate, it smelled like formaldehyde!


Anonymous said...

I used to work for national foods when I was a kid(chicken farm). I know what yer talking about, it wasnt like our family farm.

tffnguy said...

I used to hate the drive from Plano to Odessa. Not much to see along the way and it was really tiring! Abilene I think was about half way. Shouldn't be a bad drive from your neck of the DFW woods, but I know what you're talking about coming down here. Now that is a drive!

When I was young I was a natural Vegetarian. Just didn't like meat much. When we would go get hamburgers I'd give the meat to my brother and eat the rest. Then comes the Army and it was eat meat or starve. I've pretty well been eating it since. I do think about all the crap they feed the stock though and it does make it a little harder to eat it.