17 April 2010

Felines and Canines

It's raining cats and dogs here! Started last night and has not stopped. Our rain-catchment tanks are full and spilling over. It's weird how one begins to think of all that overflow water as 'wasted.' But, of course, it's not.

Bigfoot is out in his 'man-cave' sipping his bourbon and coke and reading some 'gloom and doom.' He had a bit of cabin fever today and so is out there even though it's raining like crazy.

For those of you who are followers of The Field Lab, Bigfoot and I are the couple who had the honor of being married by Reverend John Wells as we all stood between 4 shipping containers and John used some scaffolding as his lectern. I carried a sprig of creosote and a sprig of 4-winged salt bush and some tissue paper flowers for my bouquet. It couldn't have been more perfect!

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Wayne said...

John Wells a reverend? Wow! Bourban and coke and rain, nice combo...