27 April 2010

Free Food

Last night on the national news there was a story (the 'feel good' story at the end) about a woman who is a 'couponing superstar.' She claims she only spends about 40 minutes per week clipping and organizing, etc.

So. . .the network follows her as she goes grocery shopping and buys $167.00 worth of food. After all the coupons were run through the computer, I was expecting some kind of awesomely low final bill- - -something like $48.00 or something.

Well. . .the final bill ended up being 42 CENTS! Let me repeat. . . 42 CENTS! I'll spell it . . .FORTY FRIGGIN' TWO CENTS!

Excuse my math, but that's a savings of 99.75%

I DO believe that I am now all about 'couponing.' I'm on the couponing bandwagon. I've had a life-changing experience. Couponing . . . .my new favorite past-time.


tffnguy said...

Ah yes, but I just hope I'm not one of the poor souls in the same line as her. Never the less that does sound like a good way to shop. Anyone have any coupons they want to give away?

On another note tell Bigfoot that I'm sorry I didn't make it over too check out his bike. I've been trying to get the shower finished and then had to wait around for a water delivery today. Then had to make a trip to Study Butte so... Time sure seems to slip away. When will he be heading back your way?

Littlefoot said...

He doesn't need to be riding that crazy thing around out there anyway. I worry. I won't be surprised at all if that motorcycle is on the trailer when he gets back here. In fact, I'm sure it will be. Bigfoot is scheduled to return today.

Anonymous said...

Tell Bigfoot it was great to meet him. We enjoyed the visit.

Buddy and Millie Crawford