22 April 2010

Earth Day

Today was Earth Day. It was the day that I took my Earth Sciences class to the Science Museum. I think every school child from the age of 6-12 was at the museum, as well. Ugh! There were millions of them!

Bigfoot is at our cabin at Terlingua Ranch as I write this tonight (about 10:40). He arrived there at about 5:30. He called me a few minutes ago and all is well, but it's very windy there, apparently (nothing new). I'm glad we have the satellite phone. It gives us a little connection.

My brother is staying with me while Bigfoot is gone. I love hangin' with my bro. It's really nice because he can be here all day (another unfortunate laid-off person).

The plan for the cabin during this trip is to continue work on the electrical and to start some plumbing. The plumbing will be pretty simple since we will use a humanure toilet. We only have to have some running water in bathroom sink, shower, and kitchen sink. We have a large rain-water tank full of water. It's amazing how one feels RICH when one has water in that part of the country.

But I must say that, often, at the cabin plans go astray. I'll get to make a trip down there toward the end of May. Can't wait!


Ben in Texas said...

I'm sorry I missed Big Foot down in Terlingua as well. But our timing was just off.

Just Me said...

I'm happy to see another Terlingua related blog. Watched the wedding from John's stickam site. Hoping to meet you and Bigfoot when you're in the area around the end of May. I too teach science classes at a college (in Midland) and get to my ranch property as often as I can. My place is about 4 miles southeast of yours.