04 February 2011

Cabin Fever... it's killing me....!!

Every few hours I have to go sit in front of the kero heater and warm my hooves for awhile.
View out the back door of the deck this morning.

What a lovely sight....a snow laden Packard. Now that's art!!

Towncar snow blanket.

Note the bare, ice/snow free spot in the middle of the hood?....that's the block heater a'workin'.

Well, after all the sleet and snow we got Tues AM...then 2 days of simply cloudy and very cold days (high was 20)...and colder nights of around 11-12. ......Nothing melted.

This morning we awoke to another 2-3" of overnight snow...and then at 8-9AM another 2" of big flake snowfall. Sun is out now and snow has stopped, but the high today is only 26...supposed to get to 36 tomorrow (Sat).

Timing is about right as we only have another 24 hours or so of propane and kerosene fuel. I'll venture out tomorrow for some more jugs of energy juice.

So far Caren's big pot o'beans and the spiral glazed ham has held out for many meals these last few days. Caren's been doing some Ebay selling with her jewelry stuff she buys and sells, but the post office hasn't been running too regular around here this week so she can't ship anything.

I hate to hear of our TR neighbors running out of propane and shivering under the covers nowdays....but I know it'll be in the 60's in a day or so down there. I hope the big water tank at our place didn't freeze and bust at the 2" valve..!!?

pssst...............(Sunday is Caren's B-day...!!) We had sorta planned to go out to din din that day...but dang...with the big game, everywhere in DFW will be packed...so we'll probably just mosey down to the nearby truckstop-diner we frequent that's only 3 miles away, for supper.

Hope everyone is doing good, as best as can be expected for now.
UPDATE: Fri afternoon:
Sun has been out bright all afternoon and snow is slowly melting off. Can't hardly go outside for long as the snow reflection is so bright, but it sure is nice to see some warm sun


tffnguy said...

The water to the legion is frozen up and looks like the water where you fill up jugs at the Cottonwood store froze and busted. Water shooting everywhere. People were carrying 5 gallon jugs of water out of there and I have a feeling there are a lot of people without water.

Looks like I may get pretty damned cold before I head for Alpine Monday. I went south this morning and tried to get my propane tanks filled, but the guy that fills them decided he wasn't going to fill tanks until it warms up. I plan to do a post about this shortly. Hang in there and don't freeze!

Anonymous said...

Bigfeets here..

you shoulda pressed a cold steel barrel against his temple to coax him into the idea of selling you some LPG...damn!! seriously...I'd wanna drag that sucker out into the parking lot after that crap. Was it the old guy that's married to the liquor store lady??

tffnguy said...

Yeah I think so BF. Fortunately there is also a liquor store in Terlingua and of course probably several in Alpine. I think I'll start using the alternatives to. At least those take plastic.

Nick Cooper said...

you are giving me flashbacks of Alaska! I didnt "loose it" from cabin fever until 3 months... youll be ok Im sure itll warm up in a week or two

John Wells said...

happy birthday Mrs. Foot.

tffnguy said...

What John said. Hope its been a good one.

MsBelinda said...

Happy Birthday Caren!!

frann said...

Happy belated..hope dinner was great.