12 February 2011

What-A-Deal.....lookie here..!!!

Well, I was checking the "clearance" tab on the Dickie's clothing website the other day and saw a tremendous deal on some coveralls. Only $16.80 for this 4XXXX-Extra Tall "Deluxe" cotton jumpsuit.....only one color & one size available.

Now I don't wear 4X clothes (yet)...and in the past, I've ordered big/tall jumpsuits from other sellers but the "X-tall" just ain't quite tall enough for me. I mean...I could get into it, but my crotch pulled on my shoulders/neck.....or the other way around...so I gave them to my son. But THESE....wow...lotta room, I could carry a couple of smallish wetbacks inside there (female of course) and nobody would notice. Even the legs are too long.

Littlefoot has 'em in the washer now, with hot water and some bleach, trying to tone down that flourescent orange glow. Maybe shrink them a tad too??

I was thinking about wearing them next time I drive down to TR, but even with tinted windows I bet the DPS would pull me over to inform me the inside of my vehicle is on fire. And likely issue me a ticket for too big a carbon footprint.

Hell, I bet I could see myself on Google Earth working around the cabin.

Come to think of it...if I got 2 more at that price...they'd make a helluva cheap shade tarp structure.!!

And...if a fellow Aggie catches me wearing this thing....I'm screwed.

Looks like warm temps are here again....supposed to be 70 here tomorrow and in 70's for highs all next week. TR looks to be in 80's all week pushing 90 next wknd.

(Garden preps just around the corner..oughta get some tomato seedlings going now)

the end


Anonymous said...

lol, seen em worn by those pickin up trash on the side of the road. They were being supervised off course by a guard.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

tffnguy said...

Yep! Don't stop for gas around any places that have prisons! ;)