13 February 2011

warm day today....stacking lumber

Got the nail-less boards stacked and organized...had to glue some split ends with clamps.

Got the 18' trailer cleaned out and swept out. See the nice 4x4 cedar posts on the right side fender.

Got some Ace Hdw spray paint for that matched the truck paint pretty well for the ladder rack...not too much overspray with the off and on windy day.

Nothing exciting to post...got some lumber sorted and stacked. Had to switch into tee shirt and shorts...to warm today. Big change from a week ago.

Gotta repair the trailer lights, get some R19 insulation, take brother to the Doc, get some OSB locally this week....and load some lumber etc this week for the trip to South Brewster Co later this week.

Caren's bro gonna be staying here a few days...he's a gun nut...but a good guy.

Hope everyone is doing good.....


frann said...

Gun nut!! Don't bring him to Brewster county as he will realize he is one of the crowd!

tffnguy said...

Will be lookin fer ya later this week. Sure was nice here today!