10 February 2011

New Crocs finally arrived !!

After checking at 3 local FTW area shoe stores and not having any luck, I finally went online to the Official Croc shoes website and checked there.
They had ONE pair in my size and it was black and sorta a dressy style as far as Crocs go (I'm no expert on these shoes tho) But these have no air vent holes..so I told Caren I'd have to use a small paddle bit and make my own by the time summer rolls around, and once the ice age pulls back from all of Texas.
Just glad the only size 15 pair they had wasn't hot pink.
Mr J. Wells has a nice pair that he got even more mileage out of than I have so far. One of his old posts from many moons ago shows his well worn blue crocs.
Not much to post about, the snow/ice is 98% gone, everywhere is cold and muddy outside, my nephew Joe's HS graduation is tonight, and our water well line froze up this morning with 9 degree temps here but a heatlamp applied for 30 minutes fixed it.
I've been tracking our Obamanation fearless leader's comments today regarding the Egypt thing. He's really a world class dude and deep thinking pontificator, see today's quotes below:
"It is a moment of transformation; people of Egypt are calling for change"
"We're going to have to wait and see what's going on"
I sure feel better now...and I know all y'all do too....right??


tffnguy said...

Damn BF I think most Americans are calling for a change to? Try SAS shoes. 3 pare have lasted me 17 years.

tffnguy said...

Errr... I take that back. Two pare lasted me 17 years and the pare I have now is going on another 3 years.

I only wear 2 sizes smaller than yours. I thought 13s were BIG.

frann said...

I want to watch the video of you trying to get some summer ventilation drilled in those shoes..keep looking for vented ones!