27 August 2011

done been eat up with beggar lice..!!

I spent about 20 minutes picking these things off my leg hair. And not sure I'm even gonna try to save the socks. But I will clean up my brand new $59 "on sale" tennis shoes.

After wading thru a back yard of nearly knee high beggar lice weeds earlier this week, out behind one of my dad's old Sh*t-hole rent houses, I was looking for some scrap iron and an old fireplace I had stored back there 16 years ago. I found the scrap and fireplace, but these little hanger-oners found me.

These were the original "natural" version of the Velcro (hook & loop) connection design, as I recall reading somewhere.


Nephew Joe sold his pickup truck for $550 (see prior post).

Littlefoot landed a high school science teacher job at a suburb just north of FTW. Long days as she has 6 classes a day, but she is enjoying it.

I had an interview in Dallas yesterday with an outfit from DC (District of Corruption)...they are gonna be doing a rehab on an old apt project in Irving. Lotta asbestos abatement, rip everything out down to the studs, new AC/plbg/elect....new gable trussed roofs to cover up the old flat roof system. Gotta build a new, ground-up, office/club bldg and swimming pool.

It's a HUD job, but I've done one or two of them over the years. Hope I get the nod and make the cut....supposed to start Oct 1...and runs 10-12 months. A paycheck again...if only for a year would be sweet.

Still hotter'n hell here....was 110 yesterday here late afternoon....damn, I've been living her in TX since I was 1 yr old....and I ain't NEVER felt it this bad, this long.. for summertime.

Not much else to say nowadays.

We are planning a very fast trip to TR this coming weekend....drive down Fri late afternoon...drive back Monday. Looks like it's cooled off a tiny bit down there...but it's still always at least 10 degrees cooler there than up here per weatherunderground.com.

At least gas prices are down a tad...still oughta be alot lower now. When oil per barrel was at $112 gas was right at $4...now oil has been in the low $80's for a couple weeks...gas SHOULD be down to $3 even now...but it's around $3.38 here.

Later y'all..!!


tffnguy said...

What say a small get together next Saturday? Maybe Frann, Denese, ???, ???, ???

frann said...

I'm guessing you shaved your legs???

Anonymous said...

Tffn...get together sounds fine, but we won't roll in until mid-day Sat.

Frann...yes, I was wearing shorts, but spent 20 minutes picking the little bastards off me leg hairs by hand...no Epilady for me!


MsBelinda said...

I agree with you I have never felt it so hot here in Texas during summer time.

Congratulate Littlefoot on her new job at the high school. Best of luck to you too, hope you land this job.