30 August 2011

New Texas State Laws beginning Sept One.

A few of the brand new State of TX laws that go into effect on Sept 1, 2011 are listed below:

1. You gotta take a birth cert or passport to renew your TDL to prove you are a citizen.
2.Catfish Noodling will be legal in TX
3.Cutbacks in hours and svcs at state parks...but none closing.
4.Gun owners can keep ammo and guns in their cars at employer parking lots (except schools)
5.Legal to hunt and shoot feral hogs from your helicopter now (woohoo! now where's my copter?)
6.Closing the Sugarland state prison, since 1932. Had a cannery and meat packing operation there.

many more listed here...
See Texas Tribune DOT org...."31 days, 31 ways article"


tffnguy said...

Wow! More BS laws. What would we ever do without the law makers? (Be a lot happier I think) The BS about the birth cirt is just to make the state $$$ because at most court houses they charge for copies. Most people don't have them so would have to get copies. in Odessa that's $25 a copy. Damn!

Anonymous said...

The proof of identification is for new applicants only not renewals.

MsBelinda said...

The one I thought was BS is to proof homestead exemption your driver's license must match the address of the property as well as your cars.

If you don't have a vehicle then you have to show other proof.

I think that's mostly for rich folks who can afford to have more than one house. Isn't it a crime to get exemption for more than one property anyway? so why the new requirement?

Denese said...

Pretty soon it'll be "Your papers please." or a barcode/chip on/in our hands.

That really is a BS law, MsB. The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves at the level of govt intrusion in our lives.

Anonymous said...

The police should impound cars of drivers who they stop who don't have insurance in effect when they are stopped. Just call a wrecker and tow the damn car off.

My cost for insurance (basic liability coverage) keeps increasing. I have had no wrecks and no tickets on my driving record.