09 August 2011

Packard Shack & LED lgts - in the making ...(& still hot)

I started building a free standing carport/shed at the beginning of summer...but the hot weather has slowed that process waaaayy down. At the time I had two 1948 & 1949 Packards to house in there.....but now only one.

My nephew Joe was "sweet talked" into spending the night here so we could get an early start on getting the roof rafters up. Went fast with me on the ground and him on the ladder...done with this stage by 9:30AM. Next is 1x4 nailers run cross-ways and then the tin. I used 20 ga metal studs for rafters.

Joe is trying to sell an old truck that was passed down to him from an older brother. '84 Ford F150 short bed with a 302V8 auto. He only wants $650 for it, as it needs a tad bit of TLC, but will start and run. We had to go find a battery for it today...got a good deal on a 1yr warrantee 600cca batt for $30. Hopefully someone will nab this thing off Craigslist.

I've also been fiddlin' around with making some 12V LED lights for use at the cabin, as under cabinet lights for the countertop. I saw these LED flexible strips online somewhere for $3 each. Cut a stick of 1-1/2" PVC pipe in half, used spray glue to hold a piece of wrinkled mylar space blanket stuff in for a reflective surface....now I need to figure out a simple switch...maybe a 12V rocker switch for automotive use type device>?

THIS IS A ROUGH PROTOTYPE HERE...not pretty, but I bet it'll work fine.

(snickers okay...but no guffaws and horselaughs, pls)

These pics were not turned sideways when they were downloaded (uploaded?)..Maybe "Oldfool" can offer some ideas...he helped alot last time with the moving of pics for me.

Anyway....TR has been way too hot for a trip...(even though, right NOW it's 108 here and 98 near Camel's Hump in TR) ...I guess the rainy season ain't gonna happen down there this year....I sure hope it does. Shoulda started by now.

Adios for now, y'alluns.



tffnguy said...

BF, there's an option in paint to rotate pictures so you might try that. BTW you can't go by Camels hump readings for temp or anything else besides there. I've been told that the weather station is on top of that and you can bet that it is at least 5 or more degrees hotter down here. was 110 here yesterday and I haven't checked today, but I'd bet it is that hot now. Must be pretty humid to because the swampy sure isn't helping much. Come on down and enjoy the heat. ;) I bet those lights will work great.

Oldfool said...

Nothing wrong with those lights. Where did you find the strips? I need some.
Who knows what gremlin rotated your photos when you uploaded them but
you can manipulate the photos in "Pecasa" which is where they are stored in blogger. Go there and click on the photo then on "actions" and choose your poison. If you get results you like then you go to the right sidebar click on "link to this photo" and copy this to replace the html in your post.
I get different results every time I try this.

My best luck with this sort of thing is to remove the photo and upload it again. I was able to save your photo to my PC, rotate it then re-upload to a new post page without a problem.

goto: dashboard,edit post, Published,
choose your post and click on edit.
you can now upload new photos and delete the old ones. The old ones will not be deleted from Picasa you have to go there to do that.

Your post is still on line and nothing changes until you publish what you edit.
If you wish to take it offline then click on "save to draft".
If you just close the edit page nothing changes.

I know clear as mud.
Good Luck
Thinking makes my head hurt. Maybe a glass of wine will help.

Oldfool said...

I saved your photos to my PC, rotated them and then did a dummy upload to a fake post. Worked fine.

To fix your post pics there are several ways but probably the easiest is just start over the uploading of pics process.

Your photos are stored in Picasa and you can look at them and manipulate them there. Using the editors there is a whole different comment that makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I haven't had a great deal of success with that. You can upload the same photo over and over.

Now the easy way.
goto Dashboard, Edit post, Published,Edit.
That brings you a copy of what you have published. You can delete, change, add on and put new photos. You can do anything you want and it does not change your post. If you delete that page it's just gone.

If you publish, it becomes your Post.
If you save it to draft then it is pulled from the internet and saved in your drafts. That's good just in case you accidentally posted those porn pics.
If you close it then it is history.

I did this comment once before cocktails but it disappeared. This is twice and it is after cocktails so I'll have it check it tomorrow to see how I did.

I hope you are using the New Post Editor at the bottom of the settings, Basic page. It is better.

frann said...

I never thought about metal studs!! My patio will have them..

Anonymous said...

Frann...be sure and use 20ga studs...the standard ones won't span far.
And it DOES snow down there, but not much/not often.