28 August 2011

what's hotter than "hot"..???

These are fuzzy pics I just took at 2:15PM of the two thermo's I have nailed to the wall and under shade all day...on the back porch here west of FTW. ........dangit boy.!!

Just checked the temps outside...113 here and 96 in TR...wow.! ..(BOTH per weatherunderground site)

Yesterday about this time it showed 116 to 118...for an hour or so...couldn't believe it but both gauges showed about the same.

I think a huge solar flare got turned on and the switch is stuck and it's aimed right at Texas.!!

Got up a little early today and with Nephew Joe's assistance, we got about half the tin roofing installed on the carport Packard Shack. We quit around 10AM or so, mixed up a couple big tumblers of GatorAide and sat in the house under the clg fan and cooled off. (maybe some pics next time when we get back to it around January when it may drop into the 70's.)



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tffnguy said...

BF, you can add from 5 to 10 degrees to the temp WUG shows because its a lot cooler on top of Camel Hump Mountain. Still those temps sure don't sound normal for your neck of the woods!