27 January 2012

"B" is for Book and Blog

My GOBEE plan continues . . ."G" is for garden, "O" is for organize, "B" is for book and blog.

Several years ago at a flea market I came upon an old set of handwritten journals. They were written by a lady named Mattie Lou Ewing. Mattie lived in Sulphur Springs and I have her journals from 1947, 1948, 1949, 1956, and 1962. She lived, what she probably considered, a very normal rural farm life. But reading these journals in the 21st century, one realizes what a truly different world it was.

So . . .right now I am in the process of transcribing these journals. Eventually I would like to do some research about her and the 40's and 50's, etc. and somehow work it all into a book. (And now I've got time to do it).

Here's a little peek at Mattie's first few entries of 1947:

Wednesday—January 1
This is the first diary I ever attempted to keep, but I know
I will enjoy every “day” of this new year. The snow and ice has everything
completely covered, and it's a very beautiful sight. I have a head-ache, but am
having a wonderful time, with my rag rug. B.B. is at the farm and will bring
the calf home for food.

Thursday—January 2
It’s still dark and gloomy out-side. Buster is at the farm
feeding cows. I am feeling fine today and “Short Tom” is enjoying our bright
fire. We went to see “Janie Gets Married” at the mission. We came home by 8 and
listened to radio. The calf was delivered to plant and killed. We will have
plenty of beef.

(B.B. and/or Buster is her husband).

I have also kept a handwritten journal since I was a little girl (off and on), so I find this sort of thing very interesting.

I'm also going to attempt to do better with this blog--try to make an entry almost every day--I always feel it will probably be boring . . .


Ben in Texas said...

Oh I just bet those journals are good reading. Keep after that project. Looking forward to reading more from them.

Oldfool said...

I started keeping a daily journal in January of 2011. It is boring but I did not start it for entertainment but for structure of my life. My memory and time don't seem to work together so I have the journal to remind me of when "just the other day" actually is. I'm in my second year and still doing it because it works. It's not for public consumption.
Now I need to start one for when I go to bed. The time is written for that in my daily journal but what I really need is a place and the motivation to write down those thoughts that come to me just after I lay my head down. If I wait until morning they are gone. I'm sure that they are not as good as I remember them being but I'd like to judge that in the light of a new day. Just like a duck each day starts the beginning of time all over.
I have been trying to write a post about this subject but it's boring.

tffnguy said...

I figure a blog is or can be like a journal and that's probably about as close to one as I'll ever do.

Lee is going to try and save you'll some of the roast pig if you'll what to eat at his place while you're down here.

MsBelinda said...

I share your passion for writing as well as reading journals.

Mattie Lou's journals could not be in better hands.

MsBelinda said...

Oldfool - have you ever considered keeping a tape recorder by your night table?

My uncle wanted to remember his dreams but was too lazy to write them and found a recorder to be the answer. Just a thought...