18 January 2012

The GOBEE Plan

Now that I am a 'stay-at-home' wife (which, just 2 days in, I'm lovin' it!), I've got to make sure that I stay busy and productive--at least part of the time.

So I've come up with my GOBEE plan. GOBEE is an acronym for the 'projects' I want to work on during my new-found extra time. Now, keep in mind, that these projects are in addition to the daily 'gotta do' stuff.

I'm going to "GO BEE productive."

So . . . the first letter (G) stands for GARDEN. I want to have a very nice garden this spring. And since I'll be home most of the time I'll be able to take extra care with it. And, believe it or not, it's already about time to start thinking about it.

I'll share the rest of my GOBEE Plan one-by-one over the next several days.


MsBelinda said...

Good luck with your new garden.

tffnguy said...

Hope the garden turns out good for you. I had real good luck with early girl tomatoes up there as well as jalapenos, but not much luck with anything else.