29 January 2012

More Mattie Lou

Here's another 'cool' entry from Mattie Lou's 1947 Journal:
Monday March 3
Colder this morning. Bob Wilkins came and we wormed all the calves.
Washed a little. Broke my wash board. Makes me sick. I have had it for 6 years.
Buster has gone to farm with a load of hay for the cows.
B. went to see "California" and I visited with Jo and Les (Took a bath).


Ben in Texas said...

Sure would like to read it nice and slow like you are. Keep posting from it when you got the time.
Got a scanner? Could scan each page and at least save them as JPG's . I got one , if you want to bring it here and take the time to do it.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Scanning is a good idea. I didn't really think about doing that. I have a scanner, but thanks for the offer. I should come visit you anyway. I'll bring you a couple more cats!!

Ben in Texas said...

Do NOT bring any more cats.. These two and I get along fine. Well, they tolerate me anyway , long as I can reach the cat food when needed. :-)

tffnguy said...

Cool. I suspect if that washboard lasted 6 years it wasn't made in China. ;)

MsBelinda said...

I liked "I took a bath today". People do not know how hard it was back then to bathe, specially in March when it was still cold.

Bigfoot and Littlefoot said...

Yes, the "took a bath" quote was priceless. . . . something, in her mind, notable enough for her to include in her journal