01 January 2012


Not a whole lot to report here.
Working in Dallas now, and the drive is FUN.!! Been salvaging some stuff, but hard to keep good workers on hand for that nowdays. Had Jackie and my nephew Joe hooked up for a few days last week, and even paying them $60 cash per day, buying them lunch daily (friday took them to El Chico's), and giving them a ride in the towncar to and from the job...they aren't too interested to do anything this coming week. (Lazy F-ERs.!!)
(any idea what real wood true louvered interior doors cost today?.....NOT cheap..but these are going to be buried to rot slowly underground...a HUGE WASTE of value --- the Amerikan Korporate Way for the last 50 yrs)
This is only 16 apts of doors.....we have 150 more apts to demo.
It's truly amazing the stuff that comes out of these old 1964 era apts and gets tossed into a roll-off dumpster to go to the landfill. I'm scavanging what I can and still do my job as the superintendent-"helper" project mgr. I did save about 15 Kwikset deadbolts with keys, and a few insulated metal entry door units (with jambs attached), and some bypass slider closet doors with tracks to hang them on....but I "could" get fairly new 1.6 gal/per flush commodes...and wall-hung bath lavs...and stainless steel kitch sinks with faucets.....but no time to pull these out, so they mostly end up going to the landfill....this is horrible..but I don't have the time or manpower to handle it....I'll save what I can.
Spent New Years Eve afternoon at my son's IN-law's house not far from where I live. Went over to "see" how they were coming on a quick weekend deck bldg job. A 14x16 elevated deck, 2' off the ground. Ended up staying and helping for 4 hours. Got it finished up and it was nice to build something again for a change...I like doing that kinda stuff, but haven't done so in awhile.
Caren and I had Sonic hotdogs and milkshakes for our New Years Eve din din...was asleep by 9 with the sound of fireworks in the not to distant background.
Caren went to Oklahoma to the casinos last week with her mom for a day or so....she DID NOT win....and I have not asked how much she lost..keeps things smoother that way.
Here is my son's rock crawler Sammy Suzuki 4cyl. This thing is small but will climb over nearly anything with him behind the wheel. He's leaving this at my place for a few weeks.
My son stopped by today, and we loaded up a Caddy motor that I picked up for him he bought on Craigslist a few weeks ago. We think it's about 650lbs of 1972 Eldorado motor....500cubic inches...back when gas was 20 cents a gallon and High Horsepower and torque was kool. (your avg 1970 full-sized sedan would pull a 5000# trailer easily at 12 mpg). Luckily I still had Caren's mom's JD tractor and it picked it up handily. He's gonna put this one in his white '70 Cad Coupe with air bags that he fixed up at the end of his high school days. I need to add pics of this old Cad soon.
Here's Jack the Ripper.....depressed about another year of Obamanation.


tffnguy said...

Bummer about all of the good stuff going to waste!

I think Jack has a good reason to be bummed.

You'll take care.

MsBelinda said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

I am sorry all those wonderful doors are just going to waste. Glad you are salvaging at least a little.

That is an adorable picture of Underfoot :)

frann said...

I didn't notice any Change from W's years. Someone stole my new sink off of a pallet at my house!

Anonymous said...

Frann...the Repubs and Dems are crooked hogs feeding at the same trough. Sorry about your sink....but while you weren't looking SOMEONE STOLE YOUR BLOG!!!