16 January 2012


Here are a few of Bigfoot's cats (Ascot, Blanket, and Spot). They are 'fishing' for birds. Below is a picture of the 'bait' at which they are staring. Don't fret--the 'bait' is positioned so that they will not be successful with any capture attempt.
The cats really enjoy sitting in my flower pots, so I'm not sure if I should even attempt any spring flower planting.
Bigfoot has a new toy that he will use at work--but I'll let him tell you about that . . .
My big news--LONG story short . . . for health reasons I resigned my teaching position about a month ago and Friday the 13th was my last day on the job. VERY emotional time--I really didn't want to quit but found it necessary.
So now I'm going to be a 'kept woman' and I'm gonna love it!
I've got a few projects in mind to keep me busy, but more on those later.


tffnguy said...

LF, maybe the cats will fertilize the post for you. Enjoy being a kept woman.

Now you've got me wondering what BF's new toy is???

Ben in Texas said...

Throw you some "cat grass" in those pots. It'll sprout and the cats love it like catnip. Will eat it, lay on it, rub in it. IF they don't eat it all it'll make a nice green plant like tall grass

MsBelinda said...

Congratulations on being a kept woman!!

I am sorry that it was for health reasons though.

Abby said...

"Housewife" was the best job I ever had. Enjoy! If you get bored, you can always tutor for some extra cash and something to do :)