01 May 2010

Return of Bigfoot

Bigfoot returned safely on Wednesday from his trip to the cabin. He took lots of beautiful pictures of plants in bloom and a snake (not in bloom) (to be uploaded shortly). It's become quite a 'social scene' down there. He enjoyed meeting Buddy and Millie. And, as always, enjoyed visiting with Tffnguy. Bigfoot didn't get a chance to see John Wells during his trip--between relaxing and working a bit, time got away from him.

Back later with some pictures.

Outside is calling my name right now.


Ben in Texas said...

PICTURES!!! We need pictures!!! from Bigfoot's trip!!! :-)

Littlefoot said...

OK, Ben. Take a look and you'll see why I'm torn between two worlds.

tffnguy said...

Wish both of you could have been here this weekend. Still sorry I didn't get over there to check out the bike! What is cool to a man isn't always cool to a woman, but you know that and it works the opposite way to. Cut him some slack and expect the same.