18 May 2010

To The Cabin

Spent most of the day preparing to leave for the cabin tomorrow (Yea!).

Today was also the last day of the term for me. As I write (at 9:15 pm) I'm on campus waiting for ONE student to finish her final exam. Then I will upload her grade, print my report, turn it in and GET OUT OF HERE!

I've got to get home, pack my clothes (don't need much--we tend to wear the same thing day after day), finish packing food, etc. I may wait until early morning to do some of this stuff as I'm probably going to be pretty tired when I get home.

My younger son, Bruce, turned 20 today. Jaysus--Where does the time go??!! We had an early dinner with lots of good conversation. He just finished his sophomore year at A&M. Again--I'm a very proud mom.

I'll check in tomorrow as we drive to our little piece of heaven--Fustercluck Corner.


tffnguy said...

You'll have a safe trip and I hope everything is still attached at the cabin. The old barn that was across 118 from the Legion is history. Just a big pile of rubble now.

Anonymous said...

David...Caren and I are heading to the cabin today. I'll bring a chain saw and will be glad to help you collect some beams/boards from the blown down barn.

Bringing you a shade tarp I've had laying around un-used. Not too big at 6'x20' but better than nada.

seeya soon podnah..!!