14 May 2010

Son and Sun

Here are a few 'proud mama' pictures of my son and daughter-in-law at their college graduation (As a mother, I think the facial hair makes him look scruffy. But when they're 22 and married ya gotta stay outta it).
My school term is coming to a close. All I have now is some grading and a few more final exams to administer. Then off to the cabin!
Not looking forward to the heat, but we're taking a small window unit air conditioner and plenty of gas for the generator if things get too unbearable. If it comes to that, we'll invite Tffnguy and Pepper over to hang out in our insulated bedroom just for a break from the heat. And plan on at least one 'dinner party' and play-date for Pepper and Jack.
I hope to keep in touch while we're there. I'll go to the Legion, order a cool beverage, and take advantage of the Wi-Fi.
Gotta do the visitin' when we get there. We'll certainly visit "Entrepreneur John" and his side-kick Benita. And I'll get to meet Buddy and Millie in person.
So. . .anyway. . .you see where my mind is already. . .

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