02 May 2010

Kudos To Ben In Texas

Bigfoot typing here....Ben in in TX,,,,here are some of the recycled boards you gave me from your barn..(thank you sir)....recycled as step stringers and also used some 2x12s as treads...doing the same thing at home in Aledo with some new deck steps...(no more cinder blocks). Planning to use more 2x10 boards as shelving for batteries at the cabin. (hope you can see it on your next trip down to TR...sorry I missed you last trip)


Ben in Texas said...

Man, I am soo glad to see someone put some off that stuff to good use. Don't forget you still got those great ole big sheets of heavy plywood out here. :-)

MsBelinda said...

Great work on your cabin steps. It is so good to see people recycling.

Kudos to Ben!!