09 May 2010

Braggin' Rights

Yesterday Bigfoot and I had the great experience of watching my son and daughter-in-law walk across the stage at Abilene Christian University to receive their diplomas. My daughter-in-law, Bethany, graduated Summa Cum Laude and University Honors with a 4.0 G.P.A. My son, Ben, graduated Magna Cum Laude and University Honors with a 3.92 G.P.A. Needless to say, I'm a very proud mom here on Mother's Day (And, yes, you will have to put up with some photos--coming soon).

Of course, when Bigfoot and I drive west we have to deny the urge to keep driving to the cabin. After all, by the time we're in Abilene we're a fourth of the way there!

Above are photos of some of the native flora around our North Central Texas house. We have about 3 acres and like to keep most of it wild (much to the neighbor's chagrin). I'm sorry the photo with me looks like I'm flippin' everyone off--that was completely unintentional. . .(Will someone please tell me how to get pictures to upload where I place the cursor and/or move them around within the text! They always go to the top of the post and will not budge, no matter what I do!)


Ben in Texas said...

About moving your pictures around. Next time you and BF are out here , bring you laptop, we'll get it straightened out.

jandean said...

AH! Purdy pictures again! Congrats to the proud mother in you.

tffnguy said...

Pictures look great, but it sure looks like a place to pickup some chigger bites. That was one of the things I didn't like about land in the DFW/East Texas area. Of course down here now its BUG city and hotter than heck!

Kathie said...

I had the same problem with pictures on Blogger, I switched to EordPress and now they go where I place my cursor rather than all to the top of the page, its possible it was "user error" but I can work it on WordPress so I'm happy, but understand your frustration. Anyway, wherever they are your pictures always look great. Keep posting.
A Fan