04 May 2010

Busy Schedule

The college at which I teach is finishing up a term in the next couple of weeks. I am teaching 5 DIFFERENT classes this term and the prep time and grading has driven me crazy. . .the logistics. . .sheesh. So I'm glad to be finishing up. I won't have as many classes next term. Although, that means less moolah. . .sheesh again.

Today is my niece's high school graduation in Denton. I'll probably grade physics research papers as we wait for her name to be called. I think there will be about 400 students walking across the stage.

Thursday I get to go to an extra meeting at work. Friday, lunch with my ex-sister-in-law whom I haven't talked to in quite some time.

Saturday, off to Abilene for my son's and daughter-in-law's college graduation while my brother house-sits yet again. (Trite but true--they DO grow up so fast.)

May 18, last day of term, my younger son's birthday, and my older son's wedding anniversary. Yes . . .they all occur on that actual day.

So. . . once I get through all that, it's OFF TO THE CABIN on the 19th for a semi-quick trip before the start of the new term.

Whew. . .I'll be glad to relax for a few day.

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tffnguy said...

Don't work yourself to death. Good to hear you'll will be able to make it to the cabin.