01 May 2010

Who Couldn't Love This Place ?

This is the snake Bigfoot saw while at the cabin. He sent the photo to an expert and was told that it's a "Central Texas Whip Snake." Not what I'd call 'Central Texas' but I guess he/she didn't read the book.
Cactus in bloom under an Ocotillo.

Terlingua sunset. Try to top that!

Just one of our awesome views from the cabin deck.

Our cabin. Home sweet home.

More lovely cactus.

The crown jewel . . . Ocotillo in Bloom.


Ben in Texas said...

Great shots of the Desert.. That one of the sunset is post card or calendar quality for sure!!! Thanks!!

jandean said...

Truly lovely photographs. Every single one. Nice digs, too!

MsBelinda said...

Nice pictures, except for subject matter of the first two.

Now I know why you are torn between two lives, I am in the same boat.

tffnguy said...

I've yet to see any of those critters, but I know its just a matter of time. I was amazes at how many Ocotillo you'll have up there. I have a few here, but they still aren't blooming yet.